TXU Energy Business Customers Can Cash In with Brighten Reduction Rewards

When demand for electricity goes up on those hot summer afternoons, the wholesale price for electricity heats up, too. And that’s when TXU Energy business customers can grab some cool savings.

With Brighten Reduction Rewards, participating business customers get a market-based bill credit for reducing their demand by 2 percent or more. Those customers get an hour’s notice of the opportunity and can choose whether their business can accommodate a reduction. There’s no cost to join the program and no penalty for not participating when contacted.

“This program offers easy savings that our customers can roll back into their products and services,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business for TXU Energy. “That can create a competitive advantage and a growing revenue stream at a time when the ceiling on wholesale electricity prices is rising. At the same time, reducing usage during peak demand periods helps ensure a reliable and an affordable electricity supply for everyone.”

During a test of the program, a Houston-area school district reported saving $6,000 for three hours of reduced demand.

“Trimming our usage was easily achieved by reducing lighting in noncritical areas and raising HVAC set points to reduce the air conditioning load,” a school official said.

The program is targeted toward business customers that use about 1 megawatt or more of electricity per year.

“We’re excited to offer a solution that helps our business customers grow their bottom lines and rewards them for doing their part,” Castro said.

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