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Tucson Electric Power Increases Consumer Engagement with Pilot Program

Tucson Electric Power’s Power Partners pilot project has delivered increased customer satisfaction and consumer engagement, as well as improved energy efficiency. The pilot program, which began in August 2012 and is due for completion in November 2013, was designed to empower participants with near real-time energy data to better manage their home energy use.

The TEP Power Partners program used a branded version of Tendril’s Energize application to enable consumers to manage their electricity use by giving access to consumption data. The application also offered consumers personalized information on value-added services. Using the Energize portal, participants accessed regularly updated energy data and personalized recommendations on home energy management. Throughout the duration of the program, 94 percent of respondents have found high value in tracking and monitoring their energy use.

As part of the program, the Energize application recommended energy savings actions to reduce energy use specific to the customer’s individual usage. Seventy-seven percent of participants have taken some action, whether it was behavioral or some form of investment. For example, 53 percent of users have made low-cost investments like replacing light bulbs or having their air conditioning unit serviced.


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