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Trilliant Teams with IBM on Enterprise Software for Smart Grid

Trilliant Inc. is integrating its technology with IBM WebSphere and Tivoli products to help utility companies expand their Smart Grid initiatives.

Under a new agreement, Trilliant will incorporate IBM's WebSphere and Tivoli products into Trilliant's UnitySuite. Trilliant and IBM will also pursue joint solution architecture development and integrated solution offerings to the global utility market, as well as cooperate on industry standards development.

Trilliant will incorporate IBM's WebSphere application server capabilities to enhance the scalability, security, fault tolerance, and performance of Trilliant's core Smart Grid management software. Using WebSphere Enterprise Services Bus capabilities both simplifies and enhances the integration of Smart Grid network capabilities into utility enterprise grid networks, including pre-built adapters to more than 100 integration products and enterprise software systems, such as SAP. Using true enterprise-grade tools brings drag-and-drop system integration to the Smart Grid, greatly simplifying the complex process of leveraging Smart Grid capabilities in the utility enterprise.

Additionally, the incorporation of Tivoli components into Trilliant's existing network management platform brings enterprise event management, real-time system visibility, enterprise dashboards, automatic diagnostics and notification to Trilliant's operations platform. Running on industry-standard protocols and services, the system allows the creation of enterprise management capabilities without advanced programming or customization.

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