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Trilliant and ELO Sistemas Eletronicos Partner to Expand Access to Smart Meters in Latin America

Trilliant and ELO Sistemas Eletronicos have announced a strategic partnership that provides both companies the ability to package the Trilliant Communications Platform with ELO's metering.

"This collaboration will enable ELO to provide to its customers a fully transparent smart grid and smart meter solution based on TCP/IP concepts, ensuring total interoperability of technology," said Marcos Rizzo, vice president of Business Development for ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos.

Latin America has enjoyed strong growth over the past decade and the International Monetary Fund predicts this progress will continue. With the region's prosperity, energy demand has climbed sharply. Energy use in Brazil has increased by close to one-third in the last decade. To ensure the region's power producers are able to continue meeting growing demands, a modern approach to energy delivery is needed. .

This partnership permits ELO to sell and deploy smart meters compatible with Trilliant's Platform, allowing ELO to respond quickly to a wide range of utility customers' communication needs. The Trilliant Platform offers utilities and energy retailers a wide range of options and flexibility to solve smart grid business needs. The platform is specifically tailored to a business' particular goals, regulatory model, and service territory. Additionally, Trilliant can sell ELO's electric meters to customers across Latin America and throughout the world. This integrated metering technology is expected to be available in late 2012.

"This partnership with ELO, Latin America's leading metering technology provider, is a key step in Trilliant's continued global growth," said Walter Lowes, Trilliant's managing director for the Americas. "Building on our current work in the region, this partnership with ELO is indicative of the significant opportunity that utilities in Latin America have to encourage continued economic growth by utilizing modern technology to provide power in smarter and more efficient ways."

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