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Transelec Inaugurates New OSI Control Center

Transelec Inaugurates New OSI Control Center

Open Systems International, Inc. representatives were present in Cerro Navia, Chile on Oct. 14, as Michelle Bachelet, president of the Republic of Chile, cut the ribbon inaugurating the new Transelec CNOT (Centro Nacional de Operaciones de Transmisión/National Center for Transmission Operations).

The new facility for Transelec unifies all of the company’s regional control centers throughout the country, allowing 24 hour surveillance of operations, efficiently and safely, while maintaining a unique and direct relationship with the CDEC (Centro de Despacho Económico de Carga/Center for Economic Load Dispatch), for both the SIC (Sistema Interconectado Central/Central Interconnected System) and the SING (Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande/Northern Interconnected System).

Transelec's new Unified Control Center is now monitoring and controlling their transmission system via a state-of-the-art SCADA/EMS system based on OSI’s monarch™ platform and advanced applications. This new control center will allow for a more efficient use of the existing infrastructure, a coordinated development of new generation and transmission capabilities in the country and the further addition of renewable generation.

President Bachelet noted that this effort addresses the need to provide more security and better conditions in the transmission of electricity in the Chilean power grid. "The inauguration of CNOT constitutes a new step so that Chile has the energy supply that we require in order to face our development… If Chile wants to become a developed country, we must commit to diversity in electric generation and transmission security," stated Bachelet.

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