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Top Smart Grid Interoperability Leaders Focus on Implementation

For the fifth year, Grid-Interop are gathering the top technical smart grid minds to discuss real-world implementations of interoperability and advance smart grid standards, architecture and community in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 5-8, 2011.

More than 100 speakers are participating in 30 sessions to cover critical areas of progress and opportunity related to: information interoperability, architecture, business, policy, and cross-cutting issues like cyber security.

Held in partnership with the GridWise Architecture Council, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and Department of Energy, Grid-Interop brings together a cross-section of industry stakeholders to focus on the most critical topics and issues.

"Grid-Interop has provided the forum for collaboration that's enabled much of the progress related to smart grid interoperability to date," said George Arnold, national coordinator for Smart Grid interoperability, NIST. "In December, we'll focus on advances in real-world implementations of smart grid technology, as well as key areas necessary to ensure continued momentum toward making the Smart Grid a reality."

New in 2011, the Plug-In will provide a first-of-its-kind demonstration of smart grid interoperability in a literal show-and-tell of interoperable systems and devices – from the utility's back office to the homeowner's thermostat. Six scenarios covering demand response, cyber security, transmission and distribution, and a testing corner will be displayed. Plug-in is organized by UCA International Users Group, Electric Power Research Institute and EnerNex.

Grid-Interop will also create a collaborative networking forum via its Face-Time session, providing an intimate venue for discussing critical industry topics, as well as scheduled networking receptions.

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