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Tool Provides Simple GIS Overlay Data

Telogis, Inc. has launched Telogis Layers, allowing organizations to quickly and easily integrate any custom GIS data into their existing Telogis solutions.

Telogis Layers is designed so field workers can navigate to specific points within the organization’s infrastructure, rather than a physical address. The technology, based on the company’s Telogis GeoBase geospatial mapping platform, enables the search and display of custom data sets in a variety of deployment scenarios and application architectures.

Telogis Layers contains a range of features to make it straightforward to develop and use the maps, including customizable labels and symbols for each feature and layers that can be themed via any attribute. Data points in Telogis Layers are easily configured and tailored through the solution’s wizard-driven import process and GUI-based style editor.

Data layers are stored within the Telogis Cloud, allowing them to be accessed via Telogis Fleet or Telogis Mobile. Telogis Layers enables end-users to route to relevant locations such as power poles, oil wells, gas and water lines, land use grids, and forestry and parcel data. Users can tab between different layers, providing them with clear and accurate details.

“The launch of Telogis Layers allows companies needing accurate and highly customizable GIS information to incorporate, categorize and label a variety of data sets in a very straightforward manner,” said Newth Morris, president of Telogis’ GeoBase Division. “The addition of Telogis Layers makes our SaaS-based mapping platform even more user-friendly, as it enables users to view any GIS data across multiple Telogis platforms.”

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