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Tier 3 Enhances Service Offerings to Utilities with NAVTEQ Map Data

NAVTEQ has been selected as a map data supplier by Tier 3, Inc., a provider of data conflation and data management services to utilities, pipeline, telecom, and one call organizations. Previously, Tier 3 relied on multiple data sources to provide solutions for its customers. Now NAVTEQ map data alone will provide Tier 3 with the key component for delivering up-to-date land bases or road networks allowing its customers to better manage their fixed and mobile assets.

Tier 3 specializes in all phases of the project and system development life cycles for information and geospatial (GIS) technologies. A number of Tier 3's service offerings are focused in the areas of strategic consulting, program management, system architecture, application development, systems integration, GIS data conflation, GIS data management (migration/maintenance), and GIS implementation. Tier 3 is now positioned to integrate its customer's enterprise assets with the NAVTEQ database, providing higher accuracy and more completeness than ever before.

Tier 3 offers a unique, proprietary data conflation solution called G-Conflate that provides its customers with a proven, cost-effective mechanism to spatially re-locate existing GIS asset data to a more spatially accurate NAVTEQ road network without compromising data integrity. As a component of the G-Conflate technology, Tier 3 also offers a service called G-Maintenance, a software solution that combines the ability to perform long-term data maintenance and to properly manage, incorporate, and reconcile internal customer updates to the land base with new releases of NAVTEQ's map data. Consequently, this service eliminates currency issues between customer data maintenance activities and NAVTEQ product releases. Additionally, as part of the G-Maintenance service, Tier 3 and NAVTEQ have developed a "feedback loop" whereby Tier 3 manages and provides customer changes to NAVTEQ for incorporation into future releases of NAVTEQ's map database.

NAVTEQ provides comprehensive map data for the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii with their NAVSTREETS product. These data include detailed attributes from street addresses, turn restrictions and relative road crossing heights to road segment access restrictions, one-way streets, all of which assist an organization to optimize the management of its assets. Additionally, NAVTEQ maps include points of interest such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, shopping centers and leisure facilities, making it easier for utilities, pipeline, and telecom organizations to meet government mandated reporting.

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