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Texas-New Mexico Power Selects SmartSynch/AT&T for SmartMeter Trial Deployment

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) has selected the SmartSynch/AT&T SmartMeter solution for a 10,000 unit point-to-point trial deployment to residential customers throughout the utility's Texas market. This makes TNMP the first utility to capitalize on SmartSynch's recently announced alliance with AT&T to bring smart grid technology to the home.

TNMP's decision was spurred by the successful performance of five SmartSynch system pilots deployed during the last 14 months in Clifton, Lewisville, Texas City, Dickinson and Brazoria, Texas. The pilots supported the collection of billing reads, remote service connect/disconnect capabilities and real-time event alarm notification. The SmartSynch solution was used to perform the first in-production remote move-in / move-out service requests in the state of Texas.

This latest 10,000 SmartSynch SmartMeter trial deployment will enable TNMP to monitor and trend customer usage data in 15-minute intervals, expand capabilities to support energy management, and provide a Home Area Network communications gateway enabling Retail Energy Providers to manage demand response and energy efficiency activities, and their end-use customers to monitor and regulate their electricity usage via the internet and in-home devices. SmartSynch's technology will also help TNMP provide faster and safer response to customer service requests and power outages, while reducing its meter reading and work order costs. TNMP also will reduce its overall carbon footprint, since fewer truck rolls means less gasoline purchased and consumed.

AT&T and SmartSynch recently unveiled a new alternative for electric utility companies looking to provide the benefits of smart grid technology to their residential customers. The two companies are for the first time providing utilities with a cost-effective option for leveraging smart grid technology to enable a point-to-point, IP-based configuration to serve these customers.

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