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Texas Municipal Chooses OSI Real-Time Control, Monitoring, Future ERCOT Market Operation

Open Systems International, Inc. has been awarded a contract by Denton Municipal Electric of Texas for a comprehensive new SCADA system and subsequent implementation of Generation Management functions for participation in the ERCOT market.

DME is the City of Denton’s customer-owned electric utility, committed to environmental responsibility through conservation projects and investing in renewable energy sources. DME was recently recognized for providing consumers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service.

In addition to increased reliability, DME’s main motivation for this project has been the implementation of a modern and open control system architecture, facilitating entry into the ERCOT market and meeting NERC CIP requirements.

The proposed system is based on OSI’s innovative monarch distributed open architecture and includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Web-based Graphical User Interface, Historical Information System, Transaction Management Scheduling, Calculation and Trending subsystems, Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch, Training Simulation, Disturbance Data Collection, MultiSpeak® Interfaces as well as ICCP and DNP communications.

This next-generation system platform will be equipped with OSI’s state-of-the-art Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on Microsoft® .NET technology. An enhanced monarch GUI, OpenView, possesses modern applications such as OSI SystemExplorer, OSI Design Studio™ and OSI OpenTrend that create an environment for unmatched flexibility, efficiency and data visualization.

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