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Tensing Completes Mobile GIS Testing on Windows Vista

Tensing has successfully tested Tensing Mobile GIS on Windows Vista, Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Completing the testing was especially important because “a large number of our customers use laptops as their mobile device so should they upgrade to Windows Vista, we wanted to be ready,” said Arjan Plomp, managing director. “Also Tensing Mobile GIS was designed with the mobile workforce in mind, but our customers have found it to be a cost-effective and powerful tool in the office. We wanted to be able to support office users as well should they install Windows Vista.”

The testing was completed by technicians in the Rockville, Maryland, office. All functionalities of Tensing Mobile GIS were tested including but not limited to: redlining, data updates, data queries, zoom, custom draws, and scale controls.

Tensing Mobile GIS is a robust tool that allows field staff to review, analyze and change (or update) existing data in the field. It extends GIS capabilities to crews in the field and gives them access to entire mapping systems on laptop, pen, tablet computers and PDA’s. Data are provided to the field by extracting data from any corporate GIS database via an extremely fast one-to-one conversion tool that simplifies the presentation of the data. Tensing Mobile GIS allows the field staff to use the same application regardless of hardware platform.

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