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Tennessee City Expands Use of GIS with Additional ESRI Software

OneGIS has completed its work on a Geographic Information System for the city of Dyersburg with the installation of ArcGIS Publisher and ArcReader from ESRI for the Dyersburg, Tennesse, Electric System.

These licenses were installed and configured to run in conjunction with OneGIS’ previous implementation of ESRI GIS licenses of ArcGIS Server Enterprise – Basic and ArcEditor as well as ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer licenses from Telvent Miner & Miner. OneGIS provided overall project management as well as installation, configuration and customization services. The process of converting the City’s CAD map drawings into the ArcFM geodatabase was handled by Southeast Reprographics, Inc. (SRI) of Alpharetta, Georgia.

In addition to the ArcGIS and ArcFM implementation, OneGIS provided integration services by building interfaces between the GIS and the City’s Engineering Analysis (EA) system. This interface was built using the available ArcFM Multispeak data model from Telvent Miner & Miner. In addition, OneGIS developed a custom interface between ArcFM and the city’s Customer Information System. This interface used an ODBC connection between the two systems to accommodate data transfer. The initial ArcFM system has been in production since January of this year.

Dyersburg Electric System is the largest supplier of electricity in Dyer County, Tennessee with 12,200 customers. It serves the city of Dyersburg, three industrial parks and neighboring residents. Dyersburg receives its electricity from the TVA at three 161,000-V delivery points and provides 400 MW of capacity to its serving territory.

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