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Telvent Partners with Industrial Defender on Cybersecurity for SCADA and ADMS

Telvent GIT, S.A. has partnered with Industrial Defender to expand its cybersecurity capabilities within Telvent’s key utility and critical infrastructure solutions. Headquartered in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Industrial Defender provides security, compliance and change management solutions for industrial control systems (ICS).

Industrial Defender’s flagship product, Automation Systems Manager (ASM), will leverage the data collected and analyzed by Telvent technologies to provide a single, unified view that allows critical infrastructure sectors to better monitor, manage and protect their control systems. The integration of the two solutions will help to improve the speed of decision making and problem detection, while maximizing uptime and improving maintenance planning.

Telvent’s partnership with Industrial Defender allows customers to improve operational effectiveness. Specifically, operators now will have the ability to determine changes to the system, who made them and why. ASM automatically detects new devices connecting to the network, allowing for faster decision-making as to whether a change is planned or potentially malicious. Furthermore, ASM generates reports to meet regulatory requirements, such as NERC CIP, eliminating the need for additional staffing resources. The platform is compatible across multiple vendor systems, including legacy systems, providing a flexible, adaptable tool to meet operational needs. Telvent’s highly-secure data and distribution management solutions will be certified and fully integrated with Industrial Defender’s offering.


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