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Telvent Miner & Miner to Offer ArcFM to China Market

Telvent Miner & Miner and Telvent China are working together to bring a localized version of ArcFM to the Chinese utility market. The two offices have recently completed the translation of ArcFM into Chinese characters. With this effort, utility users will be able to navigate the graphical user interface in the local language. ArcFM 9.1.2 is operational with the ArcGIS Chinese language package from ESRI China.

Chinese utilities can use a localized version for modeling, editing, maintaining, and managing facility asset data in an enterprise system. The product provides productivity tools and specific utility functionality such as feeder management, map production, and electric, gas, and water tracing, as well as an extensive set of editing tools. The application can be configured and extended to support the specific business rules and operations of any organization.

“ArcFM is widely used in the international utility market and has been translated into over eight languages. We recognize the importance of the Chinese market and therefore have invested in the localization,” said Erika Murphy, chief marketing officer for TM&M. “We see tremendous opportunity and are looking forward to working more directly within this geography.”

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