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Telvent Launches Global Research Center for Smart Grid Technology

Telvent GIT, S.A. has announced the grand opening of its global Smart Grid IT Competency Center, located in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Center is designed to incorporate more than 1000 engineering and software professionals dedicated to developing the future generations of Telvent’s ADMS.

The Center will develop the seamless integration of ADMS with other smart grid IT and hardware components. This will provide utilities with a complete solution fully incorporated with Schneider Electric network equipment and its substation automation systems, relay protection, demand response, energy storage and electric vehicle program. The Center’s team will also accelerate the migration of Telvent’s ADMS subsystems to the cloud. In addition to a focus on smart grid research and development, the Center’s competencies will play a key role globally in project consultation and implementation.

The Center represents a multi-year investment for Telvent and Schneider Electric. To further leverage the long-term relationship, it is located near the University of Novi Sad and the Technology Park of the Technical Sciences Faculty. These institutions play an essential role in the Center by providing additional talent and capacity to further ADMS development efforts.

In a March 21, 2012 Gartner report examining nine global smart grid providers, Telvent received a “strong positive,” the highest rating possible, after evaluation of its ADMS solution.

Telvent ADMS enables utilities in the planning, operation, optimization and analysis of power distribution systems. It includes advanced functions that help optimize network operations, minimize power loss, and both manage and restore service disruptions quickly and safely, including self-healing automation and distributed energy management. ADMS provides utilities with greater network reliability, improved operational efficiencies, better asset utilization and improved safety and security of operations in the field.

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