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Telvent to Implement Smart Grid Solution for the Guizhou Power Grid in China

Telvent has been awarded a new project by Guizhou Power in China to improve the management of its electric distribution network. Telvent will deploy its own Distribution Management System (DMS) to help Guizhou Power to supply energy across Guizhou province, in southern China, to 40 million inhabitants.

Telvent will provide a key component of its global solution for Smart Grids. DMS is an advanced distribution application system that will help to create a safer and more stable distribution network. Among other benefits, it includes an accurate representation of the network facilities to better manage and maintain them. It is expected that Telvent’s technologies will improve the electric grid performance, reducing power outages and losses.

Telvent will develop the system in two counties with 3 million people, North City and Wudang, which belong to Guiyang, the capital of the province. The system is expected to be extended across the entire province to the 96 remaining counties, as a second phase. Telvent is also implementing its DMS Smart Grid Solution for other world-class customers like Enel, in Italy, and Progress Energy, in the United States.

Telvent has previously executed other similar energy projects in China, involving also control systems for other seven provinces. The projects, deployed for State Grid and Southern Grid, had significant operational complexity and included the implementation of other additional systems. Telvent has also implemented an asset management solution for Tianjin Power.

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