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Telvent, DMS Group Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Telvent GIT S.A. has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with the company DMS Group, the objective of which is to strengthen Telvent’s range of solutions for the enhancement of electricity distribution network management by including DMS Group-developed network analysis applications.

Under this agreement, Telvent will be the exclusive provider of electric applications such as the Distribution Management System with its full suite of functionalities, in North America, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Australiaand China. DMS Group products will be designed and adjusted to meet the specific requirements of Telvent’s vast customer base in the electric sector. DMS Group thereby becomes Telvent’s exclusive technological partner in the field of electric applications, a strategic sector for the company in which large investments are expected to be made due to the growing interest of electricity companies in enhancing efficiency of operations and customer service quality; these are electric markets that are becoming ever-more competitive and liberalized.

According to Telvent’s chairman and chief executive officer, Manuel Sanchez Ortega, “this agreement allows us to up our position to the same level as that of the leaders in integral solutions for the electric sector by completing the range of solutions Telvent develops for this market, with the collaboration of DMS Group. Furthermore, by working together we will consolidate the business relationship we have been developing since the year 2000."

Over the next ten years, both companies will continue to work together on the joint enhancement of their products by strengthening and extending their relationship to manage the development of new solutions and products for the electric business.

Telvent and DMS Group have been working together since the year 2000. Throughout this time, they have collaborated on common management methods for technological developments which has unquestionably led to several commercial successes, of note among which are the Tunisia distribution network management project for the company Steg, the Buenos Aires distribution control centers for Edenor, that of Lima for Edelnor, and of the metropolitan region of Asuncion (Paraguay) for Ande.

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