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Telvent and Trilliant Demonstrate Interoperability

Telvent and Trilliant Inc. have announced successful interoperability between Telvent’s suite of real-time monitoring and control solutions and Trilliant’s SecureMesh communications infrastructure. This validated integration will increase reliability and lower the cost of operating electric distribution networks.

Key to the success of widely deployed distribution automation and control devices is a high-bandwidth, low-latency network that can handle a variety of endpoints with real-time performance and security. Now, utilities can perform in a secure way and condition-based monitoring of those assets.

Together, the solutions enable utilities to advance automation of electric energy distribution towards a true Smart Grid. By developing the capability to use broadband-scale, fully integrated networks with a range of substation and beyond substation devices, Trilliant and Telvent have simplified deployment and greatly reduced the cost of network monitoring and control.

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