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Tanzania Electric Supply Company Orders SCADA/EMS System

AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution division will deliver and implement a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Electricity Management System, or SCADA/EMS, to Tanzania Electric Supply Co. Ltd. - TANESCO, the company responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity in Tanzania. TANESCO’s new national grid control center will be installed in Dar es Salaam.

The AREVA T&D solution for TANESCO includes AREVA T&D’s EMS e-terraplatform, its MiCOM Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and AREVA T&D’s e-terravision, which will be used to improve situation awareness and to enable fast and reliable decision-making. This will be the first e-terravision deployment on the African continent.

Deploying a modern infrastructure with the software and tools to enable better visibility and quicker decision-making was strategically critical for TANESCO’s future active participation in regional network integration and power exchange programs such as SAPP (Southern African Power Pool) and EAPMP (Eastern Africa Power Master Plan).

“The combination of the complexity of our high voltage network operation, our needs for blackout mitigation, and our plans for expansion meant we needed a high-performance, state-of-the-art power management and dispatch system built on international standards,” said Decklan Mhaiki, General Manager - Transmission of TANESCO, “After a competitive bidding process, we found the AREVA T&D solution to be the best choice for our needs.”

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