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Tampa Electric Selects Energy Efficiency Software Platform

ESG has been selected by Tampa Electric, an electric utility serving more than 687,000 customers in West Central Florida.

ESG offers an enterprise and web-based Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform to help utilities better track efficiency programs, automate manual processes, consolidate varied programs and provide comprehensive reports needed by utilities and regulators.

“We’re excited to partner with Tampa Electric and add this utility to a growing number of clients around the U.S. who trust ESG for our software solution to help energy efficiency programs become more successful,” said Jason Adge, president of ESG. “As utilities seek to comply with new energy efficiency regulations and better serve the needs of their customers, we are quickly becoming the choice provider of software, consulting and support because our objective is to simplify everything.”

ESG is only focused in the energy efficiency category in the utility market. That focus ensures that ESG remains on leading edge of workflow automation, scheduling, tracking and compliance reporting in an easy-to-use web-based platform or enterprise solution. ESG clients include some of the country’s largest utilities and utility-oriented statewide trusts.

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