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Tampa Electric Chooses MIR3's inAlertCenter for Emergency, Business Continuity Communications

Tampa Electric, a subsidiary of TECO Energy, Inc., has contracted with MIR3 to provide intelligent notification services. MIR3's Intelligent Notification solutions and services enable designated individuals to send high-speed emergency communications to and from any device, such as landline, satellite and mobile phones, email, pagers, SMS, PDAs and fax, to individual recipients, groups or organization-wide with the click of a mouse.

Tampa Electric will use MIR3's inAlertCenter to communicate internally with the utilities' more than 3500 employees about weather-related emergencies, disasters and business continuity issues, such as IT-related outages.

Designed for ease-of-use, MIR3's inAlertCenter intuitive interface is simple to manage by non-technical personnel. It allows contact information to be easily updated and managed by anyone.

"The fact that inAlertCenter is extremely easy to use and records the success of calls sent and received was very important to us when choosing a notification system," said Sue Connell, the emergency management coordinator at Tampa Electric. "With the series of severe hurricanes we've had recently, it was imperative that we have a notification system in place in order to quickly communicate between departments and to speed hurricane restoration efforts."

InAlertCenter features call bridging into call centers and conference calls; find/follow recipients based on their device priority and calendar schedule; complete 128-bit SSL security encryption and authentication; recorded voice or text-to-speech options; detailed reporting and metrics to determine the delivery success of outbound notifications and cascading of new notifications by recipients.

Tampa Electric joins a growing list of public sector and private organizations, such as the city of Miami, South Mississippi Electric, ImpactWeather and the Calcasieu Police Jury in Louisiana, that already use MIR3's Intelligent Notification for high-priority communications, emergency preparedness, business continuity and disaster recovery purposes.

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