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System Monitors Overhead Distribution Lines

GE Energy Management has released its Multilin Intelligent Line Monitoring System, an end-to-end overhead line monitoring solution with analytics that provide actionable intelligence to distribution utilities for improving the reliability and efficiency of their networks. GE’s solution enables utilities to maximize network throughput, reduce outage duration through accurate determination of fault location and optimize maintenance activities on assets when needed.

Installing GE’s Intelligent Line Monitoring System helps utilities solve multiple key challenges. This solution reduces network downtime by providing utilities with visibility of faulted and soon-to-be faulted circuits. The solution’s analytics allow utilities to dispatch crews effectively to address network disturbances. In addition, the system also dynamically rates the feeders to allow for maximization of throughput while helping ensure safety due to increased sag conditions.

“An intelligent line monitoring system gives you a reliable starting point for locating and sectionalizing faults. This improves supply continuity and enhances public safety by precise dispatching of the fault response crew,” says Martin Hand, operations policy and safety engineer, ESB Networks, Ireland.

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