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System Monitors Medium to Large Oil-insulated Transformers

GE Energy has developed a new transformer monitoring system with more processing power, memory and diagnostic features than was available in products from previous generations. The new Intellix MO150 system monitors medium to large oil-insulated transformers used in transmission and distribution substations, power generation plants and large industries. It also monitors and performs real-time on-line transformer diagnostics using state-of-the-art transformer algorithm models for early detection of potential transformer problems.

The Intellix MO150 system is the latest addition to GE’s family of transformer monitoring systems. In addition to the new state-of-the-art transformer algorithm models to monitor transformer’s behavior, the Intellix MO150 system includes a universal switching power supply, 10 years of memory storage, cooling control (based on transformer load, oil and winding temperature) and local display. The Intellix MO150 is an easy-to-use product adapted to the world’s demands of on-line transformer monitoring, and includes flexible software, robust electronic, and intelligent firmware.

The Intellix MO150 product uses various sensors such as the Hydran M2 and transformer mathematical models based on Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. The new system provides real-time, vital information on the overall performance of the transformer to assist utility operations managers and system operators in making critical decisions on these important assets.

“GE Energy’s Intellix MO150 product is a cost-effective means of transformer monitoring targeted at the industrial and smaller utility markets,” said Dan Heintzelman, president of GE Energy’s services business.

Targeted application for the Intellix MO150 includes generation step-up, station service, distribution and auto-regulated transformers. The Intellix MO150 is available to quote.

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