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Sybase Previews Next-Generation Architecture for Unwired Enterprise Initiative

Sybase, Inc. is expanding its Unwired Enterprise initiative, focused on solutions to help organizations effectively manage and mobilize data, and to give people access to business-critical information anytime, anywhere.

"The Unwired Enterprise is already a reality - now we are taking it to the next level, enabling companies to easily develop and deploy mobile applications that extend the reach of business-critical information to users on the front lines," said John Chen, chairman, CEO and president of Sybase. "This new mobility architecture platform is the first solution to empower developers to focus solely on creating great enterprise applications without the worry of becoming an expert on integration for multiple platforms and devices."

Mobile enterprise requirements are growing more sophisticated, evolving from single applications targeting individual devices to applications that mobilize information from a variety of back-end systems. The Sybase platform will provide a flexible, open and standards-based infrastructure that enables companies to create an information edge by optimizing and enhancing the infrastructure they already own, linking valuable data resources in place, and securely delivering information anytime, anywhere.

The platform will focus on advancements in these key areas: -

  • Data services will provide a uniform way to access heterogeneous data sources, ranging from structured and unstructured data to pre-packaged applications.
  • Mobile middleware services will provide the middleware bridge between enterprise data and mobile devices in development and deployment environments for diverse ecosystems.
  • Device services will provide a uniform interface to develop and deploy applications across a range of device platforms.
  • A unified application development tool will provide a consistent, integrated environment for developing mobile applications that link to enterprise data sources and processes.
  • An administration console will provide a single view to manage, secure and deploy mobile data applications and devices.

"Today's mobile developer must become a technical expert in how to access core data across a wide variety of systems, as well as having specialized expertise across multiple target devices and platforms," said Stephen Drake, program director of IDC's Mobile Enterprise programs. "Developers need to accommodate complexities inherent to mobile environments including device resources such as memory and battery life, different network types, wireless coverage issues, data security, and application management. Solving these challenges will help enterprises focus on achieving the benefits of unwiring the enterprise."

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