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Swedish Utility Halmstad Selects Echelon’s NES Smart Metering System for 38,000 Homes

Swedish utility Halmstad Energi och Miljö AB has selected Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES) advanced metering system for updating its customer base of 38,000 electricity meters. The project, which began late in the fourth quarter of 2007, has been awarded to NES value-added reseller partner ES Mätteknik AB. Revenue from the project, including data concentrators, and other system components and software, is expected be a total of approximately $4 million.

Building on the “smart grid” concept enabled by the NES system, the Halmstad project will not only use a number of advanced metering applications provided by ES, but will also use the NES system as a backbone for a supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) application for electricity transformer supervision. This SCADA application, provided by Powel, along with the metering applications provided by ES, will run on top of the NES system software. This open web services interface makes it easy to integrate multiple applications onto the system.

A key feature of the NES system demonstrated by this project is the power of the system’s open web services application programming interface (API). This scalable, standards-based interface enables multiple applications to be integrated quickly and easily onto the system and to simultaneously access system data and services. By using standard enterprise application technology, integration costs can be dramatically reduced, enabling utilities to extract more value from their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) investment.

In Halmstad, these benefits are demonstrated by the municipality’s ability to tender separately for the SCADA system. Rather than having to install parallel, redundant infrastructure, Powel will be able to build on the metering system as the foundation for its SCADA application.

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