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Survalent Technology Releases MultiSpeak AMR Interface to SCADA

Survalent Technology has released its MultiSpeak Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) interface to SCADA.

The SCADA system obtains meter data by interrogating the AMR system using the MultiSpeak protocol. The user can request readings from any meter and display the data on-demand in the WorldView map. Users can also define schedules for the SCADA system to automatically interrogate the AMR system for specific meter data, which is stored in the SCADA database. This data can be used by other applications such as voltage readings for voltage reduction algorithms.

“The current release supports on-demand and scheduled reads of all meter data,” states Cornel Munteanu, VP of software development. “It also supports the ability to ping a meter, and perform service connect/disconnect from within the WorldView map. Users can turn-on the secondary network layer to display distribution transformers and meters, and then click on a specific meter to ping, read, connect/disconnect the meter. The user can also click on a distribution transformer or line section to ping all the meters connected to the transformer or the line section. The next release will include the ability to import the transformer database from GIS, and meter database from the AMR system.”

Bill Rambo, VP of product management, said, “Future enhancements include Load Control via HAN (Home Area Network) devices, and the ability to send messages to IHD (In-Home Displays). Interoperability between SCADA and AMR will greatly improve Voltage Reduction, Volt/Var Control, and Demand Response applications.”

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