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SubGate Sensor and IED Gateway Gathers Substation Data

Cannon Technologies, Inc. has announced its SubGate sensor and IED gateway. The SubGate is a cost-effective solution for gathering data from substation equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers. This data from equipment alarms, sensors, and IEDs can be presented by way of fiber or wireless connection to a substation RTU or Gateway.

The SubGate communicates in industry-standard DNP 3.0 protocol and is enabled with on-board timing and monitoring functions, making it a natural for use in substation monitoring. It configures simply by using standard terminal software—so no special configuration software is needed. Included are 12 status inputs and four bipolar analog inputs for connection to alarms, sensors, or analog transducers; and two control output relays for providing conventional alarms, cooling or LTC control.

The SubGate is equipped with Cannon Technologies’ SelectComm interchangeable communication module to allow for future upgrades of communications technology. It is substation-hardened and available for use by OEM manufacturers in new equipment or for customer retrofit. It can be provided in an outdoor NEMA 4 enclosure, magnetic mount panel, or board-only configuration. SubGate can also be supplied with a sensor package for monitoring circuit breakers and transformers.

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