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SPL Upgrades Enterprise Business Intelligence

SPL WorldGroup has released an upgrade of its popular Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) for Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) software.

"This upgrade, version 2.0.1, provides the option of receiving near-real-time extracts in a continuous stream," said Brian Owenson, sr. director, product management for SPL. "This is particularly important for companies that are using EBI for time-sensitive applications like monitoring outages."

SPL EBI is designed to bridge the gap between customer information and strategic initiatives. Utilities can use SPL EBI to accelerate the analysis of data on revenues, collections, billed usage, service levels, churn and other areas of the business. It lets companies drill down into data to uncover the root causes of problems, enabling them to develop timely and reliable solutions.

"A number of forward-thinking utilities -- including PowerSeraya Ltd., Barbados Power & Light, and Trinity Electric Cooperative -- have selected SPL EBI to stay ahead of developments in a fast-changing business. EBI is designed to put information in the hands of decision-makers quickly and with much less risk than is normally associated with data warehouse projects," Owenson said.

"The upgrade we're announcing today will further enhance the usefulness of this cost-effective, configurable and scalable product," he said.

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