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Spatial Imaging Solution Combines 3D Scanning and Video

The Trimble VX Spatial Station is an advanced positioning system that combines optical, 3D scanning and video capabilities - - Trimble VISION technology -- to measure objects in 3D to produce 2D and 3D data sets for spatial imaging projects. The station enables users to blend accurate ground-based information with airborne data to provide comprehensive datasets for use in the geospatial information industry.

"Growth opportunities in the geospatial information industry and technology convergence provided the catalyst for the development of the Trimble VX Spatial Station," said Jurgen Kliem, general manager of Trimble's Survey Division. "Based on the industry's direction and the need for accurate data, our engineers and in-house surveyors have combined optical positioning, 3D scanning and video capabilities to offer surveyors and geospatial professionals a dynamic solution that answers their real-world needs today while also equipping them for tomorrow's challenges."

Built on an advanced hardware platform, the station includes patented Trimble MagDrive servos, which spin the instrument with speed and agility -- more than 100 degrees per second -- to provide ultra-smooth control for precision pointing. The instrument's efficient movement ensures minimal waiting time between measurements.

The Trimble VX Spatial Station offers Trimble VISION technology, providing video streaming and image capturing capabilities. The technology streams digital images of a job site through a choice of data collection software, including the Trimble Survey Controller, Survey Pro or Trimble Survey Manager software running on the Trimble CU or TSC2 data controller, which saves time while measuring. Users can select target points for measuring by tapping the controller's touch screen at the appropriate points in the video stream. This capability provides improved efficiency for remote or coarse aiming measurements while using a crew's existing workflow.

Trimble VISION technology includes a data overlay feature, which enables users to view positioning data over a video display of the job site. Users can see in real time what features have been measured before leaving a job site, giving them confidence that all required points have been measured, which reduces the potential for rework and duplication. In addition, digital images of the site are stored for quality assurance and for presentation purposes.

For applications such as 3D modeling and volume calculation, which demand large numbers of measurements, the Trimble VX Spatial Station includes a 3D scanning function -- users can collect surface measurements and shapes (i.e. point clouds) quickly. The scanning function is suited for measuring large surfaces and volumes accurately; and scanned data can be easily combined with discrete point data.

With Trimble VISION technology, the station produces data that can be used to generate high-quality visual deliverables in Trimble's RealWorks Survey office software. With the combination of pictures, surface measurements and discrete points, data recipients can easily see what points have been measured, what the measurement data represents as well as understand the data without losing their orientation, which can help to streamline review and approval of projects.

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