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Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Extends Energy Efficiency Contract

ICF International has been awarded a contract extension to continue supporting the energy efficiency portfolio for Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO). The contract has a value of $11.5 million and a term of 36 months.

Through this contract, ICF will continue to promote increased energy efficiency in the commercial, industrial, and residential consumer markets. Efforts will include programs for lighting and appliances, heating and cooling, new construction, and home energy audits and home performance, as well as commercial programs that help SMECO’s larger and small business customers to use energy more efficiently in their facilities. ICF will educate homeowners, HVAC and home improvement trade allies, homebuilders, and various stakeholders regarding the energy savings benefits and value of ENERGY STAR and higher energy efficiency standards. For commercial accounts, trade allies, and other SMECO stakeholders, ICF will provide training, technical support, and assistance in identifying and delivering measures eligible for incentive funding.

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