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Southern California Edison Unveils New Smart Energy Center

An innovative exhibit displaying the latest tools and technologies that are helping to create a cleaner, smarter and more reliable electric grid has been officially opened by Southern California Edison.

The Smart Energy Experience introduces customers to the progress SCE is making in developing new technologies to build a smart grid, as well as demonstrating new energy-efficient devices, smart appliances that communicate with a smart meter over a home-area network, a garage fully equipped for the next generation of plug-in electric vehicles and online tools to help customers monitor and manage their energy costs.

The Smart Energy Experience features current and future technologies for energy distribution and consumption. The exhibit demonstrates smart grid technologies that have been researched and developed by SCE, which will improve the reliability of the electric grid. Animation of a neighborhood electric circuit visually depicts a power outage caused by a simulated lightning strike, showing how smart grid technology will reduce the length and number of customers affected by power outages in the future.

Other demonstrations at the center show how various components of smart grid technology will empower customers to more precisely manage their energy use and reduce their carbon footprint through the use of smart energy devices, plug-in electric vehicles and distributed energy resources at customers’ premises.

“The Smart Energy Experience is a hands-on exhibit that will enable our customers to learn about the new tools and technologies that we are developing and introducing,” said John R. Fielder, president of SCE. “We look forward to providing our customers with additional information and knowledge that will enable them to make choices that will help them save energy, money and the environment.”

Located in Irwindale, Calif., the Smart Energy Experience features 2,260-square-feet of exhibit space. Designed to look like a typical Southern California home, the center includes a full kitchen with smart, energy-efficient appliances, a living room with a smart thermostat, laundry area and garage with a plug-in electric vehicle. The residence is equipped with a home area network, demonstrating how smart appliances work with a home’s smart electric meter through secure, two-way wireless communications. The home also features smart energy devices that monitor real-time power usage, providing the ability for consumers to observe the immediate increase and decrease in power usage when certain appliances are turned on or off. The site includes a mock outdoor area with sidewalk, front lawn, smart electric meter, high-efficiency air conditioner condenser and a light-weight composite power pole.

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