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Southern California Edison Selects Enterprise Data Warehouse for Smart Metering Program

Southern California Edison (SCE) has selected the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform for the Edison SmartConnect program. The implementation was completed in late 2010.

SCE's Edison SmartConnect program includes installation of nearly five million smart meters across SCE's service territory. The new meters collect energy use data in hourly increments for residential customers and 15-minute increments for small business customers. Meter and meter-related data from Itron's Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management, a Teradata partner, will be uploaded to the Teradata Active Data Warehouse, where it will be integrated with billing and weather data, and made available to SCE's customers starting approximately mid-2011.

"We're creating a feedback system where consumers will soon be able to view and analyze their energy consumption and see how choices to conserve, especially during peak demand periods, can save them money," explained David Erickson, director of IT for Edison SmartConnect. "This implementation of the data warehouse is a key component of the Edison SmartConnect program that will soon enable us to deliver meaningful information to consumers about their power usage and the impact of their conservation efforts."

The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse was selected following an extensive research and evaluation process that included testing data volume, load requirements, concurrent queries and users based on anticipated future demands of SCE. Before entering into the agreement, Teradata demonstrated with real data that it met SCE requirements for loading data and supporting internal and external users running a variety of queries and analytics. The purchase also includes the Teradata Utilities Logical Data Model, the data blueprint that helps utility companies organize data from disparate operational sources for fast and accurate analytics and reporting.

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