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Southern California Edison Installs EnergyConnect for Demand Response

EnergyConnect has received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission for a four-year contract to provide 20 MW of demand response in the Southern California Edison service territory.

“We are very pleased that the California Public Utilities Commission has approved our four-year contract to provide demand response products and services to Southern California Edison’s large commercial and industrial customer base,” said Rodney M. Boucher, chief executive officer of Microfield Group. “This most recent contract extends our reach into southern California and represents the continued success and momentum behind EnergyConnect’s comprehensive and sustainable high-growth business model targeting a multi-billion dollar segment of the robust demand response industry.”

EnergyConnect’s contract was one of only four demand response contracts successfully negotiated with Southern California Edison and subsequently approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. A total of 17 contracts were initially submitted by a variety of demand response providers.

EnergyConnect’s proprietary web-based demand response platform provides real-time guidance and automated execution that allows participants to shape and curtail energy usage patterns in response to wholesale electric market prices or grid reliability issues.

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