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Southern California Edison Implementing Design Management Applications

Autodesk, Inc. will be providing Southern California Edison (SCE), California's largest electric utility, with a common set of design management applications for the utility's more than 1,000 designers, engineers and planners who oversee the utility's distribution, transmission and substation assets within SCE's Transmission & Distribution Business Unit (TDBU).

SCE chose the Autodesk applications following a rigorous Request for Proposal and product demonstration process. Over 50 SCE planners, designers, and engineers from Distribution, Transmission, and Substations exercised the applications and found the tools to be user-friendly and intuitive.

"SCE selected Autodesk based on the product's ease of use and ability to automatically perform engineering calculations, order material, and size equipment," said Walt Johnston, SCE's vice president of power delivery.

The Autodesk software solution, which includes Autodesk Utility Design software, subscription and professional services, will streamline workflows where engineering and construction standards are linked to the design process. The Autodesk applications will help SCE meet the demands of future growth, and help expand and strengthen its electric system infrastructure to serve all of its customers.

"Smart design is fundamental for utilities to increase efficiency and manage costs," said Lisa Campbell, vice president, Autodesk Geospatial. "Many utility companies use Autodesk solutions to streamline their engineering and planning in order to address the challenges they face unique to their industry, including aging infrastructure and workforce. We designed Autodesk utility solutions to help firms like Southern California Edison manage their physical assets effectively, starting with design through asset management and operations."

The Autodesk rules-based design software allows customers to configure it according to the utility's unique design and construction standards, ensuring accuracy and consistency across design, engineering, estimating and automated material ordering workflows. Since the system is AutoCad-based, customers can leverage the expertise of the large pool of AutoCAD-trained designers in the utilities field, reducing the learning curve for new employees and mitigating the impact of experienced worker retirements.

Using the system's pre-defined standards, SCE planners can perform engineering calculations such as voltage drop and pulling tension. Planners can seamlessly exchange data with other corporate systems, including SAP, in order to automatically generate construction work orders that include layouts, engineering data, bill of materials, design scenarios and estimated costs.

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