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South Carolina Utility Deploys Prism Distribution Management System

Advanced Control Systems, Inc. recently completed delivery of its PRISM Distribution Management System (DMS) for the Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

Orangeburg DPU, the largest municipal utility in South Carolina, embarked on a distribution system automation program that extended previous system investments in its SCADA master platform to add capabilities for integrated load flow, fault detection, isolation and restoration functionality.

Orangeburg DPU owns and operates 22 electric substations, with service available at 115 kV, 46 kV, and 480 V for large customers. Using the PRISM DMS, a modern dispatch center monitors and controls the electric system 24x7 through a state–of-the-art fiber optic network that supports DMS applications and the field distribution automation technology. Orangeburg DPU services a geographic area of approximately 340 square miles and is part of a multi-service utility for the City of Orangeburg, South Carolina.

The PRISM system incorporates load flow for a 60-feeder network, with deployment of an integrated recloser and sectionalizing distribution automation reliability initiative that supports 20 feeders serving Orangeburg’s critical commercial and industrial customer base and residential customers living in those areas. ACS and Orangeburg recently completed the production deployment of the system, which is now fully operational in a redundant configuration for high availability.

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