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Solid-state Electricity Meter Equipped with GPRS Module

Elster Electricity, LLC has released its A3 ALPHA solid-state electricity meter equipped with a SmartSynch GPRS SmartMeter Module. This integrated solution provides utilities with remote real-time access to the A3 ALPHA meter’s advanced functionality using public wireless GPRS technology. Elster’s A3 ALPHA meter is for commercial and industrial metering with a flexible architecture and advanced data collection capabilities. With SmartSynch’s GPRS SmartMeter Module, utilities can now realize the benefits of the international standard in digital cellular technology while leveraging data collection by the A3 ALPHA meter on a daily or real-time basis.

The A3 GPRS SmartMeter is fully compatible with SmartSynch’s Transaction Management System (TMS)—a software architecture that manages data transactions over an advanced communication network. The A3 GPRS SmartMeter retrieves data and events in accordance with the ANSI C12.19 standard. The SmartMeter Module is located 100% under the cover of the A3 ALPHA meter.

The A3 GPRS SmartMeter ships as one complete unit, making field deployment more efficient.

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