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Software Tool Gives Utilities Omniscient View of Smart Grid Communications

GridMaven Utility Solutions has announced the availability of Network Manager, a new approach to optimizing utility smart grid communication networks. GridMaven Network Manager is a software product that sits atop utility communication networks, allowing operators to manage them as a system and ensuring real-time delivery of mission-critical data.

"GNM answers the need to validate and compare performance of communication networks and to utilize real-time, actionable data for greater reliability," said Paul Moon, Vice President of SKTA. "It enables utilities to realize the full benefits of their communications investments by allowing information to be shared across networks and silos – from legacy SCADA to distribution automation to new AMI/AMR networks."

With GNM, utility network operators can evaluate performance claims, verify ongoing performance of network elements and triage faults more accurately and quickly.

GNM leverages the resources of GridMaven's parent company, SK Telecom. SK Telecom is South Korea's largest wireless operator, serving 25 million customers with revenues of $12 billion.

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