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Software Supports Field Service Management

Ventyx has announced the next-generation Ventyx solution for field service management -- Service Suite 8.0.

Ventyx Service Suite 8.0 is the first release of Service Suite following
the combination of Indus and MDSI and leverages the robust Advantex
enterprise workforce management platform developed by MDSI. As a
result, Service Suite 8.0 provides a true enterprisewide workforce
management solution that manages all types of field work including
service, maintenance, inspection, repair, trouble/outage and
construction. This new release provides key enhancements to scheduling
and dispatch capabilities, broader mobile support and enhanced business

Key new features include:

* A new Gantt chart feature in the Dispatch application. This new
feature enables dispatch users to see a graphical overview of shifts
worked by mobile users and the orders assigned to those shifts. With a
color-coded display of states and alerts and "hover" menus for more
detail, the solution gives dispatch users a real-time view of current
day orders and activities in the field and can trigger local
optimization of workflows in the field as work orders are completed. As
a result, the solution helps ensure efficient and timely assignment of
work orders to appropriate technicians, optimizing schedules and
minimizing unnecessary travel costs.
* Long duration order scheduling. The Service Suite includes
enhanced features for scheduling complex, long-duration orders, opening
up the solution's capabilities to a broader set of clients in multiple
industries. Long duration orders can be assigned on the Gantt chart
manually, or the system can automatically assign long duration orders
over one or two consecutive shifts.
* Java phones/PDAs and mobile Web services. Service Suite can now
share information with a broader set of mobile devices and applications
including smart phones and PDAs with voice and data capability supported
by a Java virtual machine. This capability enables personnel with
minimal order data and completion requirements, such as contractors and
light users, to benefit by communicating with Service Suite via the
Mobile Web services feature.
* Real-time data warehouse and operations dashboard. The new
Service Suite provides significant enhancements to its database, data
warehouse and operations dashboard to improve the performance of the
system and its users. The new operations dashboard gives even
non-technical users easy access to real-time data to track and manage
critical business operations.

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