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Software Provides Real-Time Power Consumption to Utilities

SureGrid has released PowerCommand 2.0. The new software provides SureGrid customers – utilities and independent system operators (ISOs) – with real-time visibility to demand response event performance of an aggregated portfolio of electric-power users. During times of peak power demand, as in a heat wave, SureGrid’s technology can dynamically balance the electric grid, yielding back “unused” power, and creating revenue for participating companies in the process.

Now, with PowerCommand 2.0, utilities working with SureGrid can receive constant telemetry of their aggregated power-consumption portfolio every minute, 24/7, and – if necessary – curtail loads with only a 10-minute notification.

Before the release of PowerCommand 2.0, SureGrid concluded a successful Participating Load Pilot with a California ISO in 2009, where the ISO was provided with telemetry of its aggregated portfolio every 60 seconds, 24/7.

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