Software Powers Demand Side Management Planning, Forecasting

Nexant has announced new and expanded utility DSM program management capabilities for Nexant iEnergy—its purpose-built, end-to-end business process management software solution. Nexant iEnergy’s proven platform provides utilities with a comprehensive solution for planning and managing all demand side management (DSM) business processes and portfolios.

Utility executives responsible for DSM portfolios are struggling to make these programs as cost-effective as possible and to report results to key stakeholders. Increased pressure to reduce costs has made DSM planning, forecasting, and cost-effectiveness testing critical to achieving energy savings. Utilities continue to manage DSM programs using outdated tools such as spreadsheets or custom-built or CRM-based tools that do not fully automate the entire DSM business management process.

With Nexant iEnergy, DSM planners and managers can easily simulate, model, and adjust the optimal mix of energy savings measures, administrative budgets and incentives, participants, and program scenarios to meet energy savings goals and compliance requirements. With Nexant iEnergy, utilities can streamline tracking and reporting and also run cost-effectiveness tests at any point in time for all programs, projects, and individual efficiency measures over their lifecycle—providing crucial information for reporting, load planning, and analysis.


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