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Software Manages Foreign Attachments, Related Field Info

FastGate Manager for Joint Use from Osmose is a software application for managing foreign attachments, streetlights, and related field information used by electric and telecommunication utilities. The application includes a solution for acquiring data, editing and managing that data, running useful queries and reports, and maintaining the accuracy of the data in the future. FastGate Manager for Joint Use is designed to organize the utility's attachment management process, including the request, approval, installation, and billing functions. The application includes:

  • A map-based interface for manipulating pole and attachment data, including related information such as digital photos and GPS locations.
  • Search, filter, and report options that allow you to isolate individual poles and entire pole categories-for example, poles with particular attachment types, poles with attachments of a particular owner, attachments in violation of NESC standards, and more.
  • The ability to quickly see detailed information on attachments, maintenance performed, attributes, and other information collected in the field.
  • FastGate Mobile data-maintenance software, which lets field crews gather new data and update existing information using off-the-shelf handheld computers.

These kinds of product features make the FastGate Manager for Joint Use a valuable asset-management tool that makes critical data on pole attachments easy to retrieve and use.

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