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Software Creates NERC Evidence on Demand

ENOSERV’s PowerBase software was created specifically to track and retrieve system data while also effectively creating NERC evidence on demand.

“It’s more than just storage,” said Dennis Loudermilk, president of ENOSERV. “PowerBase is total data and work management system, allowing any company access to all aspects of substation data, from engineering to the field and back. Instead of waiting a month to generate a report for NERC compliance, with PowerBase, you can have it with a push of the button.”

ENOSERV developed PowerBase to integrate different workgroups and enhance tracking of relay data. By offering a database that shares the data across the entire enterprise, PowerBase helps companies achieve a complete, secure, and accurate repository for relay and other lifecycle data, including test records and settings. This level of performance, say experts, becomes invaluable when effectively meeting NERC regulatory compliance standards.

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