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Software Allows Data Collection Applications Without Programming

Graphic Technologies, Inc. (GTI) released the GT/Field product earlier this year, which allows companies to implement data collection applications without programming.

"GT/Field gives our customers full control of data collection applications," said GTI consultant Charlie Marlin. "People who understand their data can produce multiple applications without writing a single line of code."

GT/Field's forms can be configured to display attributes that are already in the data, such as numbers for poles, valves, or switches. GT/Field can also collect attributes that are not in the data. Marlin added, "One of our clients plans to use GT/Field to collect joint use pole attachments. Although that data is not currently in the GIS, the collection can still take place. GT/Field is configured for drop-down lists of attachment owners and attachment types, so the user who fills out the digital form in the field can do so quickly."

Once the customer wants to create a new application, it can be configured with no additional cost. Different facilities, different attributes, even different hardware. GT/Field is available for laptop, tablet, and hand-held.

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