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SMUD Selects Silver Spring Networks for Smart Grid Rollout

Silver Spring Networks has been selected by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to provide the network infrastructure for their Smart Capital initiative, which will network approximately 600,000 homes and businesses in Sacramento County.

Silver Spring Networks will provide field-proven, open-standards-based, secure, wireless network communications, software and services in support of SMUD’s efforts. Rollout will begin next month and is expected to be completed by March 2011.

“Silver Spring Networks is looking forward to working with SMUD to deliver the benefits of a truly smart grid to customers across Sacramento County,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO of Silver Spring Networks. “With an intelligent network, SMUD can empower customers to manage their energy consumption more efficiently, enabling rate payers to become full participants in building more energy efficient communities.”

In partnership with Silver Spring Networks, SMUD intends to implement a number of advanced Smart Grid applications, including distribution automation and home area networking. The new, networked grid will enable SMUD to provide its customers with actionable information about their energy use, as well as enhance system efficiency and reliability by giving the utility complete visibility across its service area. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is the sixth largest community-owned electric utility in the country, serving approximately 600,000 residential and commercial customers.

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