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SmartSynch Partners With Utilismart

SmartSynch, Jackson, Mississippi, has partnered with Utilismart Corporation to establish an advanced metering service bureau in Canada that provides wireless technology to utilities and local distribution customers.

Ontario-based Utilismart Corporation specializes in utility settlement services and interval meter data management, including collection and processing. Utilismart currently provides service to about a third of the electrical distribution companies in Ontario plus other market participants, industrial and large-use consumers in the Ontario region. Utilismart Corporation operates a web-based service that provides customers with the information needed to make informed business decisions about electricity usage.

Under the partnership, Utilismart has installed and is operating the Transaction Management System (TMS) software offered by SmartSynch to provide Ontario customers with a wireless interval metering solution that is more cost-effective and reliable than traditional shared phone line systems. Utilities can now install SmartSynch SmartMeters that automatically transmit daily interval data back to Utilismart.

Utilismart Corporation services include access to a web based system that provides updated information daily to assist business managers to make informed decisions about electricity consumption, conservation, load shifting and energy purchases. The Utilismart system is a turnkey solution that collects, validates and manages customer meter data and delivers load profile analysis, account aggregation, cost forecasts, tailored reporting services, bill verification, market reports and a full menu of settlement services daily.

“As a major Meter Data Collection Agency in the province of Ontario, the move to wireless data collection is a prudent and natural migration for Utilismart Corporation,” said Ian Cameron, general manager of Utilismart Corporation. “The decision to partner with SmartSynch allowed Utilismart to work with the leading wireless technology available.”

Initial demand for Utilsmart’s service offering with TMS has been strong as they have already started providing the SmartSynch wireless technology to a number of Ontario-based local distribution companies who are using Elster A3 ALPHA and/or Itron SENTINEL interval meters equipped with the SmartSynch wireless communication module. These customers include Enersource, Erie Thames, Essex Power, Niagara Falls Hydro, St. Thomas Energy, Toronto Hydro, West Perth, Welland and Woodstock Hydro. Utilismart maintains the system and provides each LDC with daily files that include all of their interval and register data.

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