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SmartSynch Acquires Applied Mesh Technologies

SmartSynch Inc. has completed the acquisition of Applied Mesh Technologies (AppMesh) of Macon, Georgia. Specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

AppMesh provides communications solutions to utilities and their commercial and industrial customers seeking to remotely monitor and control their energy usage to save money and increase operational efficiencies. The company’s suite of smart grid-oriented products will enable SmartSynch to extend service to customers on multiple levels, including distribution automation, SCADA, generator/load control, electric distribution monitoring, steam monitoring and PHEV monitoring. Specific products range from a low-cost ‘wireless pipe’ interface enabling utilities to transmit and receive data using any protocol or messaging scheme to a ‘smart car charger’ to be used with electric vehicles, allowing them to only re-charge during times when electricity costs are low.

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