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Smart Meter Intelligence Application Supports Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Space‐Time Insight has introduced the Situational Intelligence Suite for Utilities, a set of purpose-built applications that transform massive volumes of real-time, historical and predictive data into intuitive displays for rapid decision-making. Built on innovative geospatial and visual analytics software, the suite includes the first out-of-the-box domain-specific applications designed to visualize and analyze assets, resources and operating conditions, speeding time to value, and facilitating collaboration across departments. The first application in the suite is Smart Meter Intelligence, to be available this quarter.

Today’s utilities are faced with a massive influx of smart meter data and under pressure to show returns on their AMI investment. Smart Meter Intelligence extends the capabilities of “big data” solutions by helping organizations visually correlate real-time meter data with enterprise, grid, communications, environmental, and other information streams to better understand their smart meter operations. In breaking down data silos and providing users with the visibility and analysis needed for split-second decision-making, Smart Meter Intelligence simplifies the task of making sense of multiple sources of information that are critical to efficient utility operations.

With pre-built geospatial and traditional analytics displays, domain-specific models, and configurable business rules, Smart Meter Intelligence provides rich visual context around smart meter data. The application can be configured and deployed in weeks with minimal IT resources, integrating seamlessly with existing meter data management (MDM) and other systems to populate the displays. The solution’s geospatial visualization capabilities help users identify and solve problems more proactively, reduce missed billing cycles due to unread meters, and improve operational efficiency. And, using Space-Time Insight’s breakthrough Multifactor Anomaly Detection technology, only Smart Meter Intelligence can dynamically identify unique combinations of exceptions and conditions that pinpoint issues requiring attention. The application also delivers unlimited scalability through integration with SAP HANA and the ability to dynamically offload processing to big data systems such as EMC Greenplum, based on exceptional load demands.

Using Smart Meter Intelligence, utilities can end tedious and ineffective cross comparisons of numerous charts, applications, and spreadsheets, for the first time, accessing a single, visual application to:

  • Unlock the value of AMI information and instantly correlate it with other data sources and formats, such as enterprise systems, meter data management systems (MDMS), billing systems, grid feeds, communications systems, weather feeds, and more.
  • Quickly see the current status of deployed meters across regions and identify where potentially problematic meters are located, all the way down to the neighborhood and property level.
  • Facilitate better collaboration across organization departments and disciplines by making a single, visual version of the truth available to users in diverse areas such as operations, customer support, field service, and billing.
  • Drill down into the root cause of why specific meters haven’t been read, including whether it’s due to an outage, tampering, meter failure, communications problem, lightning strike, or a combination of reasons.
  • Engage in sophisticated analysis of real-time meter data that will most impact the next billing cycle, and take advantage of prompt action-taking interfaces that aren’t available using traditional analytical tools.
  • Dynamically configure analytical boundaries across space, time, and meter data on-the-fly, for highly customizable and flexible intelligence gathering.
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