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Smart Grid Solution Based on Cloud Computing

PowerOneData International has announced the roll-out of GENII, its next-generation Meter Data Management software. When combined with P1DI's Smart Meter technology, GENII a cloud computing-based, meter to mouse application, it gives electric utilities a comprehensive package of functionality. GENII is agnostic in nature, interfacing with any meter in use today.

Features offered by GENII include:

  • Prepaid and Postpaid Billing (software driven).
  • Instantaneous Data Acquisition.
  • Plug-&-play Top-down and Bottom-up Network Building Capabilities.
  • Bi-directional Communication.
  • Remote Connect/ Disconnect.
  • Improved revenue generation through Dynamic Pricing programs such as Critical Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, Peak Time Rebate and other tariff rate programs.
  • Done-Low IT, implementation and maintenance costs, delivering a high degree of interoperability between legacy and new applications, with the back bone of the system being Service-orientated Architecture (SOA). They all share a common enterprise bus for communication with the back-end database.
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