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SKUforce Eliminates the Need for Data Spreadsheets

Large enterprises typically rely on Excel to exchange and manage product information, often at great cost in terms of data quality and efficiency. SKUforce customers are eliminating the need to use Excel for data management. The first step in getting rid of Excel as a vehicle to manage product related information is by replacing it with a SKUforce Collaborative Cloud Platform based on a private cloud.

SKUforce’s clients no longer struggle to gather information scattered across data silos like Excel, which are completely non-collaborative and one dimensional. SKUforce provides a holistic cloud view of business and product data for companies by unifying and filling the gaps and holes that exist between systems and from using data silos like Excel to manage data.

Smart businesses know that ensuring the accuracy and consistency of their data, and improving collaboration are two ways to increase efficiency and productivity. These businesses also want to leverage the rich information formats such as images and video that can’t be managed by spreadsheets. By working and communicating more efficiently and effectively via the SKUforce Collaborative Cloud Platform, businesses not only stay on top of all product data, but changes can be made quickly and shared instantly with all stakeholders.

“Nothing will replace Excel altogether, but we are quickly finding that our customers have used our Collaborative Cloud Platform to speed their time to market and reduce overhead because they now have access to real data,” said Anand Ayyar, partner at SKUforce. “SKUforce brings a new level of control to our users who need access to their product data anywhere at any time that’s impossible with the usage of archaic spreadsheets.”

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