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Single Console Simplifies Complex Distributed Systems Based on ICCP, DNP, and other Smart Grid Protocols

LiveData, Inc. has introduced SmartGrid Manager, a data integration and visualization system that verifies the health of systems that run the electric power grid. LiveData SmartGrid Manager integrates data from diverse sensors, devices and systems to deliver one global, real time system health view of the smart grid.

LiveData SmartGrid Manager integrates widespread sources and diverse types of information in one easy-to-deploy application. LiveData’s single console simplifies complex distributed systems based on ICCP, DNP, and other smart grid communication protocols. Thus, the operator of a distributed system of generation assets or distribution SCADA can refer to a single screen to verify the health of the entire system and, where necessary, issue alerts enabling rapid response to incidents or outages.

LiveData SmartGrid Manager interfaces with critical components of the Distribution Smart Grid, including AMI (automated meter infrastructure) and DRR (demand response reserve). This is especially important because, while both provide the means to manage power flow and energy on the demand side, neither provides a way to geographically report power or telemetry loss or help on the supply side. With LiveData SmartGrid Manager, organizations have a system for pinpointing trouble locations and problem type, dispatching crews, and relaying event-based messages to outage management and other systems in real-time.

In addition to overall system health, SmartGrid Manager’s uniquely consolidated views allow important “make vs. buy” decisions for participants in the evolving real-time marketplace for power. These views give the necessary flexibility and control to power suppliers to transact effectively and safely in a more fluid demand-side Smart Grid, where incentives and smart meters can cause demand to fluctuate even more than it has in the past.

A combination of software and services, SmartGrid Manager is based on LiveData RTI Server, a robust, centralized system for managing real-time communication among intelligent devices, applications, and IT systems. SmartGrid Manager is packaged with all interfaces and protocols necessary for ensuring seamless bi-directional data flow. Information is always instantly available for analysis, storage, reporting, and monitoring; complex, real-time data management becomes “point and click” configurable.

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